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ELBEST - Learning Dutch with proper training aids

Books and software for our Dutch language courses

We use the method Code plus for our courses. The training aids are a combination of a book and a license to an online version of user-friendly software. This software supports you during your home work. The on-line exercises are interactive, are a combination of text and audio-visual means, and can provide you with translations as well. Moreover you can monitor your progress by build-in tests.

CourseBooks & softwareTotal costs
Module 1
Dutch for beginners A
  • Code Plus takenboek 1
  • Code Plus Licentie 1
Module 2
Dutch for beginners B
  • Code Plus takenboek 2
  • Code Plus Licentie 2
Module 3+4
Dutch for intermediates A+B
  • Code Plus Takenboek 3
  • Code Plus Licentie 3
Grammar Training
Module 1 to 3
  • Klare Taal (book)
NOTE These costs are indicative, and follow the actual prices set by the publisher.

Ordering via Elbest

You can order the above training aids via Elbest when you enrol yourself for one of our Dutch language courses. Please indicate your preference when you fill-in the enrolment form. The teacher will order only after your payments are received by Elbest, so pay in time. Delivery takes about a week and you will receive the ordered aids from the teacher at the beginning of the course.

Ordering by yourself (directly from the publishers)

lf you prefer to order yourself directly from the publisher, then you will find further details on the website of Thieme-Meulenhof for Code plus, and of Boom for Klare Taal.

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